Ibiza Softens Age: Multi-action, transforming, moisterizing day cream.


This new product is created in harmony with nature and personal well-being.


Multi-action,transforming, moisturizing day cream. Daily skin care using Posidonia by ISA increases skin regeneration, elasticity and smoothness. There are no toxins and no animal testing. Just the power of nature! This means less chance of allergies and the cream is absorbed better into your skin with visible and significantly faster results. For more information about the ingredients click here.

Scientifically proven effect! To read the university report, click here

p.s. Lot to lot variation may exist beyond our control due to seasonal weather and resulting crop variation of the natural plant materials we use.

Additional information
Weight 50 g
Dimensions 7.3 × 7.3 × 5.5 cm
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Monday & Wednesday