Ibiza Softens Age by ISA

Multi-action,transforming, moisturizing day cream ..how come?

How does Posidonia Day Cream slow the ageing process of your skin? The skin’s matrix is the structural framework inside which the body’s cells are housed. The primary role of MMP enzymes (Matrix Metalloproteinases) is to recycle the skin’s matrix, particularly the proteins collagen and elastin. MMP enzymes are biological molecules (proteins) that act as catalysts. Excessive destruction of the skin’s matrix is due to elevated MMP levels.

This is what happens during the normal ageing process which starts at around 25 years of age. But inflammation, irritation and environmental factors also elevate MMP levels. The smoothness, firmness and youthfulness of your skin depends on a healthy balance of MMP enzymes in your skin. Research shows that inhibiting or suppressing and reducing them to lower levels should be a part of your optimal skin rejuvenation strategy, allowing healthy recycling of collagen and elastin. Posidonia Oceanica Extract is a new all natural product for the treatment and prevention of altered MMP levels related to skin ageing which helps to restore the skin’s elasticity.


Posidonia Oceanica. Are you nostalgic for Ibiza’s wonderful nature? Posidonia daycream smells like summer, especially when its cold outside;) Just open a jar of Posidonia, close your eyes and inhale deeply.

The scent of this moisturising and relaxing ant-ageing day cream will transport you on a journey to Ibiza’s nature, land and sea!

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Posidonia Oceanica Extract is a new all natural extract derived of Ibicencan sea grass.;Treats and prevents altered MMP levels related to skin ageing which helps to restore the skin’s elasticity and the  production of collagen in a natural way.

Scientifically proven effect! To read the university reports, click here and here


Helichrysum Italicum flower water is obtained from a natural meditarranean medicinal plant;Lowers inflammations due to several mechanisms:inflammatory enzyme inhibition, free radical scavenging activity and antihistamine activity.


Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the Morrocan argan tree; highly moisturising and helps prevent damage to cells from UV light. It includes Vitamin E and many oxidants such as ferola acid, polyphenols, sterols and carotenoids.


Collodial Silver is a silver and water solution.(nanoparticles of silver dispersed and suspended in water) that prevents bacteria,fungas and viruses. It is a great topical treatment on skin conditions such as healing wounds and healing skin infections and at the same time it conserves I.S.A.´s day cream in a natural way.


Calendula extract from Marigold plant; an emollient that  moisturises dry skin. It also contains carotenoids which nourishes the skin, calmes inflammations, eczema, ulcerations and reduces scar tissue.


Tocopherol natural Vitamin E.;is an excellent moisturiser that protects the skin from environmental pollution. It contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


Phytic Acid is an organic acid extracted from rice bran.;it has strong antioxidant properties. Phytic acid has slightly whitening properties, anti-inflammatory properties and has a significant rejuvenating and lifting effect.Gives the skin a youthful glow.


Rosemary extract derived from the  aromatic wild Rosemary plants of Ibiza. Contains highly oxidant properties that delay the skin’s ageing process and tightens the pores leaving the skin looking smooth.


Sandalwood/Amyris comes from the heartwood of various species of san- dalwood trees; an essential oil which, along with its woody, exotic smell, relieves itching, inflammation and dehydrated skin.


Algae extract cocktail derived from mediterranean sea algaes.;hydrates, softens and detoxifies the skin. its essential vitamins and minerals. Rich in antioxidants that help to protect the skin.

Ricinus Oil of the seeds of Castor Plant.;heals skin inflammation caused either by acne or by a very dry skin. Works in both ways! Moisturizes and reduces pigmentation.


Rose Canina fruit oil is an Organic extracted Rosehip oil that holds moisture and reduce dryness. It also encourages skin to repair itself after over-exposure to the sun.


Rosa Moschata seed oil derived of seeds of wild rose.Full of vitamine A and C. Reduces wrinkles and Rejuvenates Skin.


Hydrolate from Citrus Aurantium  from bitter orange plant.;Refreshing and high in vitamine C, Stimulates blood circulation leaving a healthy skin glow


Glycerin derived from vegetable fats;The low dosis of vegetable glycerin in combination with the other containing ingrediënts of this cream creates a great moisturizing effect on the skin.



Olivate are fatty acids derived from olive oil.;Stabilzes the cream emulsion in a natural way and works as a emollient on the skin.


Alcohol;Just a no harming percentage to emulsify and conserve the cream.( below 4 %) Together with the vetty Olivate(above) this alcohol is non-drying!!! and improves delivery of all ingredients deeper into skin.


Binding agent. Maltodextrin is derived of rice.;Reduces skin irritation.


Potassium Sorbate is a non-irritating  preservative approved by the EU:organic certification body.Naturally found in the Rowan berries of the mountain Rowan tree.Prevents growth of microorganisms and effective against fungi, mold and yeast.


Limonene is a fragant from oils of lemon and pine trees.;Strong antioxidant benefits.


Linalool ( no not Lanolin!!!) is a naturally occurring  substance that is used to make fragrances and flavors.It is produced by a wide variety of plants such as mint, lavendar, cinnamon, coriander,citrus fruits, and birch trees.;Used as a natural aroma-therapeutic tool


Daily skin care using Ibiza Softens Age facial day cream by ISA increases skin regeneration, elasticity, production of collagen and smoothness of the skin.