¨You must be a descendent of mermaids as your skin shines like the pearls of the ocean

¨You must be a descendent of mermaids as your skin shines like the pearls of the ocean¨

Finally we get aware! This year more and more  studies published by dermatologists and universities make us understand the important benefits  of Posidonea Oceanica extracts for our skin.


Still, for a lot of you guys out there these university reports sound like ABRACADABRA so I´ll  try to explain in simple terms:


The most important cells of our skin tissue (fibroblasts) synthesize collagen and elastinin in our skin–I am sure it rings a bell that collagen and elastinin is what makes our skin firm, supple and smooth–


A circle of recovery and breakdown of our collagen and elastinin takes place in our  skin:
This very needed recycling circle is generated by proteins called MMPs (Matrix Metalloproteinases).
MMPs ensure that the collagen and elastinin are chopped into pieces, as soon as they are deformed or worn out (age, sun etc) and then they are re-produced again. Convenient system, but……


In a healthy and above all young skin the making and breaking down of this circle is in balance, but unfortunately this balance is disturbed and the MMP´S rise excessively as soon as we get older and / or as soon as we are exposed to free radicals, sun, smoking etc.

In that case  so much collagen and elastinin is broken down by the increased MMP levels,  that too little collagen and elastinin can be restored. The fabric just can´t keep up with the speed and  the recycling circle no longer works properly….

So what to do? If you can’t produce enough – conserve!!!

Try to reverse and reduce the loss of collagin and elastinin by reducing the MMP levels so that it can return to normal youthful levels. This way the cirkle is able to preserve and renew healthy collagen and elastinin
Posidonea Oceanica Extract has proven to reduce MMP levels!

Next  blog story I´ll post about the way we recolect the Posidonea leaves so we can use it for our Ibiza Softens Age facial cream formula, but I can already tell you that we are talking about one of the oldests (sea)plants existing( more than 100.000 years old!), responsible for a healthy eco-system in the sea,taking ten years to fullgrow their leaves…just one of the reasons why you should never ever pull out this plant straight from the seaground!