Christmas Fairy´s

Believe in fairy-tails and the magic of Christmas!


Ibiza’s Fairy ‘Sedana’ and mermaid  ‘Amarine’ were lovers and best friends ever since stars appeared on the sky.

Always having fun, sharing each others emotions and secrets, but especially fighting together for a balanced life in nature and in the amazing world under the water of the deep blue sea.

On a cold December day ISA walked trough the woods of Ibiza upon the crispy frozen winter leaves searching for some herbs.

Suddenly, besides of the crispy sound of her steps, she heard the wind whispering the words; “believe in the magic of Christmas! “…

Just when she started to ask herself what  the meaning of those words could be she saw a pearl glittering between the leaves resting upon the moss ground of the wood.

She wanted to reach out to pick it up,but then discovered  it was the beginning of a path of pearls leading to somewhere…

It led her to a treasure of nature’s art made by the hands of Sedana and Amarine!

It were thousands of jars full of magical and powerful extracts out of the sea and the woods of Ibiza, made by their loving hands to create silky soft and happy skins and at the same time to help succeed every day more needed environmental projects for nature’s well-being

ISA  promises to put all her energy to work hard in 2018 and let their mission succeed

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Be a part of it and spoil your skin at the same time!

Merry Christmas and have a magical 2018!!


ISA-Ibiza Softens Age

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