I am convinced hormones are the cause of acne, but I am even more convinced that food, stress and Skin Care have a huge influence on the break out of your skin. Even the regular change of your pillow cover affects the number of pimples you wake up with!

I just answered a letter to someone that asked me for advice, How to treat an acne skin condition, this is my answer:

First of all drink lots of water, do not eat to much sugar and especially no chocolate and sweet carbonated bevarages. Eat a varied and  healthy diet and make sure you do not eat to little, but better at least four times a day.
( wast will appear if you eat to little) It is very important NOT to use any drying cosmetic products being sold fro people with acne ; It might help for a day, but after it will get worse and worse for sure!!
It is as if your skin thinks: “alright, they are drying my skin… so I have to produce more tallow!

So all the product you use have to clean your skin in a soft way, NOT dry out and especially they have to calm and regenerate !!
Here is what ISA offers for ace skin:

*A 100% pure Hidrolate  Mint spray* for daily use,espacially in the morning and evening ( air dry afterwords) you apply this hidrolate just after cleaning with…

*ISA’s very soft and regenerating goatmilk soap* ( wich is actually more a clearing milk in a block shape) The great goat milk acid, regenerates and brings back balance for skins with problems from psoriasis to acne.

Use ISA’s masks twice a week !!
The first one consists of applying the slimy inside stuff of a *pure Ibicencan Aloe Vera leaf * Apply on your face in the evening, let it absorb , go to sleep and rince it off the next morning.
You will be so suprised about the effect!

ISA sends you the whole leaf wich you cut in the middle ( rince of your nife after each cut to avoid the yellow substance that is in the green outside part of the leaf; this part we do not want on our skin, it is the slimy transparant stuff you have to apply !)
Save leaf in refrigerator. One leaf is for 6 weeks use.

The second mask consists of   *purified therapeutic red Clay from Aguas Blancas mixed with Hidrolate of Magic Helicrisum* So the first mask of Aloe is to CALM the skin and the red Clay mask is to DETOX the skin. (Use alternately and leave 3 days in between applying each mask)

After cleaning and shower each morning please apply (by dapping) a little bit of *Posidonia day Cream* so you have some protection for the day and you avoid that your skin starts producing more tallow.

All ISA’s products are made for skins like I find in my own family: for example anti-eczema for daddy and anti-acne for my 16 year old son. The products are all thought and studied to regenerate and balance your skin back to a healthy condition.

Just let me know your order and I’ll be happy to send it to you, I am sure you will feel the enjoyment and effectiveness of ISA’s products from Ibiza.

Sunny regards,